• Mr. Arif Alharmi

    Mr. Arif Alharmi


    Arif Alharmi is the Managing Director of Amlak Finance PJSC, a leading Islamic mortgage finance provider in the UAE, a position he has held since May 2007. In addition, he is the Chairman of Amlak Finance & Real Estate Investment in Egypt, Vice Chairman of TECOM Investments and Board Member of Al Salam Bank in Algeria. Arif has a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered from over 20 years in leadership roles at leading regional and international financial institutions, including HSBC, ABN AMRO and Dubai Islamic Bank.

  • Mr. Ali Ibrahim Ismail

    Mr. Ali Ibrahim Ismail

    Member of the Board of Directors

    Mr. Ali Ibrahim Ismail is a Member of the Board of Directors of Emaar Industries & Investments, and Amlak Finance PJSC. Mr. Ismail is also the Deputy Director General for Executive Affairs in the Department of Economic Development, Dubai, and Director of the Dubai Financial Market and Dubai Transportation Corporation.

  • Mr. Mostafa Karam

    Mr. Mostafa Karam

    Member of the Board of Directors

    Mr.Mostafa Karam has 22 years of experience with Emirates Airlines. At present, Mr. Karam is the Senior Vice President of Customer Affairs and Service Audit and is continuing to maintain the brand image of the company and raising the service standards.Mr.Karam had completed his Bachelor of Arts at the UAE University in 1984, a Certificate in International Executive Program (INSEAD) in France in 2006, a Diploma in Global Business Consortium in 2004 at the London Business School in the United Kingdom, IATA Diploma in Airline Marketing in 1997 and IATA Diploma in Airline Management in 1994 both held in Geneva.

  • Mr. Ayad Al Harazeen

    Mr. Ayad Al Harazeen

    Member of the Board of Directors

    A postgraduate in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and graduated (BE Honors) from Imperial College of Science & Technology, London, Mr. Ayad Hammad Al Harazeen has worked with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and its affiliates at different levels of technical and project management responsibilities.Currently he is the partner of Management & Business Consultancy Co. LLC (MAFCO), Abu Dhabi.

  • Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani

    Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani

    Member of the Board of Directors

    Mr. Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani joined Emaar Industries & Investments as Deputy CEO in 2006 where he oversaw the alignment of the vision and goal setting at the company with the fast trending UAE environment. He was responsible for consolidating the company’s existing businesses and extending their operations locally and regionally. Mr. Raqbani was promoted to the postion of Chief Executive Officer of Emaar Industries & Investments, holding the position from 2009 to 2014. Known as a result-driven person with distinctive leadership, decision making and strategic planning aptitude he played a major role in steering the company through the changing economic environment. He has been appointed as an EII Board Member in Jan 2015.

  • Ms. Zainab Mohammed

    Ms. Zainab Mohammed

    Member of the Board of Directors

    With a career spanning more than 12 years in the real estate sector, Ms. Zainab Mohammed has been recognised within the industry as a driving force behind Dubai’s growing property sector. Ms. Mohammed’s extensive years of experience has seen her managing projects, properties, human resources, operations and finance and budgeting, which has provided her with a wealth of expertise in the setting up and management of new departments and the stabilising and consolidation of operations.

  • Mr. Edris Alrafi

    Mr. Edris Alrafi

    Member of the Board of Directors

    Mr. Edris Alrafi, as a newly appointed member to the Board of Directors, brings 13 years of experience in finance and investment banking. He is currently the Head of the Middle East for DMC Partners (Developing Markets Capital), a private equity firm. He is personally responsible for maintaining DMC’ strategic relationships across the Middle East, originating interesting structured private equity opportunities for DMC, and raising capital.